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This is the year you


with the world's only adenosine monophosphate seed treatment.

Developed by the University of Arizona, the patented formulation of Amplify-D helps seeds thrive in stress conditions like cold, wet soils and counteracts low seed lot vigor. This unique, planter-box-applied product is recommended for corn, alfalfa, small grains, cotton and grasses.


- Scientific

- Profitable

- Affordable
- Easy to Use

- Proven Results


At just $3.20 to $4.40/A for corn or less for grain crops like sorghum, Amplify-D generates an average of increase of 8 Bu/A. That's an average $6 return for every dollar invested on this easy to use seed treatment.


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The card you received has the number for your local Conklin Ag Specialist. Call for special offers and incentives on Amplify-D as well as other great products from Conklin.  

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